Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ethan Robert

Our new addition, Ethan Robert.

What a heart breaker!!!

Daddy and his son.

Soooooo BIG!!

Daddy putting on Ethan's first diaper.

Mom and Ethan right after birth.

Many of you have probably heard already, but Ethan Robert has arrived!!!  He's healthy and happy and already good sleeper.  Mom is doing well, but is very tired but recovering.  She did SOOOO Great!!!  I am so proud of her.  What an amazing accomplishment.  Abby was very strong throughout and is doing a great job now- I have no doubts that it will continue! 

Here is the official story:
As many of you know we were scheduled to go in for inducement on Monday the 23rd.  Luckily we never got that far.  Abby began getting some light contractions on Sunday at about 11:30 am.  But at 3 o'clock pm or so the real contraction began very consistently 9 minutes apart.  They were not too intense so the pain was pretty manageable for her until midnight.  I had a fun time keeping track of the timing of the contractions and figuring out the average times.  Abby gave me a hard time about that, but I was excited an having fun.  At midnight the contractions changed a lot and became much more intense and about 3 minutes apart.  We got her in a hot bath to help manage the pain and called the hospital and they told us to come in.  We left the house at about 1 am.  Good thing it was a pretty short drive because Abby's water broke as we pulled into the parking lot.  Very shortly after that,  the contraction changed again and became pretty painful.   After a few hours and a sleepless night, Ethan decided to make his presence known!!  He was Born Monday June 23rd at 9:06 AM at.  He was officially 8lbs on the nose and 22 inches long.

Abby and I, along with Ethan's Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunties, Uncle and Cousin could not be more thrilled!!!  Our Love for him is more than I could have imagined!  We are looking forward to watching him grow and learn and showing him all the amazing things the world has to offer.  

Thanks again for all your Love and Support!

The Krueger's

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Almost Time!

I am now officially a full week past my due date.  I am having some contractions and have been since Friday, but nothing painful as of yet.  Tomorrow is the big day!!  We are scheduled to go in for inducement on Monday as long as the hospital has a room available. The hospital will call us sometime between 5:30 and 8:30 in the morning to let us know when to come in.  
So... That means we are likely within 24-48 hours of meeting Baby Ethan!  Both Tim and I are extremely excited and a little bit nervous and scared too but we know that we will get through it just fine.  We have had so much love and support from ALL our family and friends throughout.  We feel very blessed to have such great support from all of you!  It such a wonderful gift to know that Ethan will be embraced by each of you too!!  We can't wait to meet him, and he can't wait to meet you (actually he can wait-and he has been, but we're going to make him meet you!! ha ha).  
So just so you can hear it again... THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for the showers, the gifts, the diapers, the toys, the advice, the stories, the support, the friendship and the Love.  It is all going to be put to good use very soon!

Abby, Tim, Briscoe and E-Train (Uncle Eric's nickname for him)

PS  the next entry WILL have baby pictures!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waiting and waiting...

Tim and I are excited to know baby Ethan will soon be here.  That being said, after waiting for 40 weeks, these last couple of days have been tough.  We want to meet our son but he is not ready to meet the world quite yet.  We will continue to keep you updated as time passes!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Due date update

Well Father's Day, our due date, has come and gone.  Baby Ethan decided to stay put for now.  We had another doctor's appointment this morning and not much has changed.  The good news is Abby is still feeling pretty good.  She is not too miserable considering we are at 40 plus weeks now.  However, we have made an appointment for Abby to be induced on Monday, June 23rd, although we are hoping to meet him before then. The doctor and nurse practitioner seem to think that may not be necessary.  So cross your fingers!  We'll all want to celebrate a Birthday before then!!

T-minus one week at most until our little one arrives!  Briscoe is anxious too!!

We hope to talk to you all soon!!! 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

While we wait

As Tim and I very "patiently" wait for Ethan to arrive, we spend our time together.  We have been going for walks around our house and the nearby park and cleaning and preparing for the new addition to our family.  Briscoe knows something is going on and recognizes Ethan's name which is great.  Though he mostly loves the "going for long walks" part, or as we call them at our house-pedestrian excursions.

Grandma's and Grandpa's, Aunt's, Uncle's, friends' and cowrkers' contact us daily for any updates on Ethan's arrival.  Hopefully this will help to keep everyone informed on what is happening in the soon to be expanding Krueger family!!!
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