Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ella's Baptism and Basement Progress

Our basement remodel is coming along nicely. My dad has been at our house almost every weekend for about 2 months. Ethan was already really attached to Grandpa Boyd and this has only straightened the bond. Ethan loves to be downstairs with Grandpa and all the tools. He can turn on the drill and mimics everything anybody does with any tool. Ethan talks about Grandpa and his truck all week as he waits for him to come over. I don't know what he is going to do when Grandpa doesn't come next weekend!

Ella's baptism with Godparent Janelle and Pastor Antonio.

The whole family

Ella being baptized.

Ethan running all over the place.

The beautiful quilt made by the church for Ella.

This banner was made for Ella as well.

All the family photos! Yea to the Grandparents!

The spread.
A big thank you to my mom who helped me put all this together!!

Ella and Auntie Kill cake. It doesn't get much better than that!! Another thank you to Auntie Kill for the fabulous cake! Lots of family took some home with them because they liked it so much!

Ella's after baptism dress from Grandma Dinky.


Ethan couldn't be left out!

Neither could Daddy!

I noticed that Ella was staring at Briscoe. Once I put her on Briscoe's lap she started beaming. I couldn't help but take her picture!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Fun Photo Shoot

Lily and Ethan cleaning up the saw dust from the tree we took down this winter.

Enjoying a ride in our new wagon. Ethan would not leavethe house without the tire pump he found in the garage.

Little Miss Ella Jade

Ethan figured out what was going on and ran over and tried to plop down on the blanket and almost landed on Ella. It's a good thing she loves her brother!!

Daddy to the rescue!

A goofy pic of my little girl

Now that is a happier face!

My cute outfit from Grandma Betsy!

They are both wearing clothes from Grandma Betsy!
Thank you Grandma!!!
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