Friday, April 27, 2012

Ethan's Eye Appointment

Today, Ethan had an eye doctor check-up with the eye specialist. GOOD NEWS!! They didn't see any thing concerning, Ethan did a great job playing their "games," and his eye sight is considered 20/20 in both eyes!! This couldn't be better news. His next check up is in a year. What a great day! To celebrate how well Ethan did at his appointment we tried to get him some french fries (a very rare occasion at our house), but it was still breakfast time at McD's. So Ethan and I went to the grocery store and he picked out a orange power aid and cheesy puff corn. What a happy kid. Way to go Ethan!!! (For the record, he also did a great job sharing his snack with his family!) 

Monday, April 23, 2012

My 2 Year Old

These are a little late as I made them tonight, but I forgot to make them on her birthday. Lucky lady Ella got to celebrate her birthday again tonight with some rice crispy bars, eaten while they were still warm. We all sat on the floor together and enjoyed. What a fun night!!

Pirate Night at the Krueger's

Pirate night included dressing up and playing pirates as well as watching some old school Scooby Doo, Pirates edition. What a fun night at home! I love that my kids love the old cartoons. It's like being a kid again myself. And really, who doesn't love Scooby Doo?!?

Thank You Grandpa Rick!!

Ella ran up to Grandma Betsy and asked for an Ariel dress. Grandma Betsy told Ella to go ask Grandpa Rick and it will happen. 

And so it did.  Thank you Grandpa Rick!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Silly Saturday

Mowhawks and side pony tails on the Krueger's on a silly Saturday afternoon.

Spring Break at the Zoo

What a fun day!! We even went to see the bird show. The biggest owl in the world flew over our heads, twice. Everyone fell asleep on the way home too. So much fun to have the 3 kids together again!

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