Friday, September 21, 2012

Ethan and Ella's First Day of School

Ethan started his first day at school was last week. He has a new teacher, but is in the same room as last year. He LOVES his new teacher and did not cry when I left. Ethan also gave her a hug when he left the first day. She reads, plays games, does science experiments, art projects and, of course, lets them run and play inside and out. I am not sure what is Ethan's favorite, I don't think he knows either.

Ella had her first day last week. She loves to play with everything and is learning to share. Ella's teacher was sick her very first day of school, but it didn't phase her one bit. Even this week when her teacher was there, Ella didn't flinch that it was some one new. She did not cry either when I left. 

Ethan and Ella both love to go to school and love their friends and teachers. This is the start of a very great year!!!

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