Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, My Adorable!

 Could she be any cuter?

 Ethan and his friends Courtney Raye. In the picture above this one, Ethan is kissing Courtney Raye. That was pretty adorable.

 Timmy, Grandpa and Ella working hard on Timmy's new music room/office.

 Ella in her new coat.

 It was too quiet. I went looking for the kids and found them like this; watching a movie. Now if only I could remember which movie that was...

A true pout.

 Ethan wanted his picture taken too.


 It took a long time to get this smile.

 My two cutie pies!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ethan's First Day of Preschool

 Ethan is all dressed and ready to go to school. Today is his first day of big boy underwear. It was a big day!

This is Ethan's classroom. HE was so excited until I left. He cried as I walked out the door. When I returned, he was acting like a lion. He had just wet his pants about 2 minutes before I got there. While he was at school, he was able to color with markers, play outside on the playground, sit in circle time, and sing songs. He loved it and can't wait to go back next week. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Camping, Pumpkins from the Garden, Last Day of Warm Weather, and Silliness

 Camping With Grandma and Grandpa Boyd at Itasca State Park. What a great weekend. Great weather, great family and a great time! Canoes, pontoon boats, bikes, fires, candy, walks, fishing, candles,wonderful food and family. What more could we ask for?!?

Lily's new house. Too bad I didn't get anymore pictures, I was chasing my kids around and helping to move. Great day and by far the easiest moving experience I've ever had.

 Rally day at church, with a Fair Theme. What a fabulous idea. The kids ate cheese curds, popcorn, tatar tots, and snow cones. We also had their hair colored. We missed the face painting, but loved the singing and making new friends!

 Pumpkins from our garden. It's amazing what a 20 cent packet of seeds can do. 

 This was the last day of 90 degree days, in essence our last day of summer. We enjoyed it with Popsicles outside and playing with friends. It's a good thing it was warm, because the kids needed to be hosed off afterwards. Also why Ella is only sporting a diaper.

Wearing mommy's shoes. Gotta love it!
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