Thursday, July 29, 2010

They Repeat Everything!

Everyday, I feed Ella at 10am. We are usually inside and Ethan gets a snack at the same time and we watch The Price is Right. Today Ethan has repeated over and over again, "come on down!!! or come on down buddy!!!" Too cute :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ella, Ella, Ella

Little Miss Ella is getting bigger everyday. As of last Saturday, Ella can officially roll from her back to her tummy and tummy to her back. She loves to stand and sit and will most likely fuss if you lay her down. Ella has discovered her jumperoo and loves to hang out in there as well as her exersaucer. Tonight, when I went to go get her out of her crib for her last feeding, I found her laying on her tummy fast asleep. She is growing up so quickly!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Weekend at Janelle's Cabin

Last weekend we went to my friend Janelle's cabin in Wisconsin. Her twins Alexis and Marek, along with her husband Troy hosted. Amber, Jamie and Joe, friends of Janelle and I came as well. It was a great weekend with many firsts. For instance, this was Ethan and Ella's first time in Wisconsin.

This might have been Ethan's favorite part of the weekend. He just loved riding with Daddy and going through the puddles.

Janelle and Alexis hangin' on the deck.

Ethan riding on Joe's jet ski.

Ella riding in Marek's police car. She loved this. Ella hung out and floated around for about a half an hour. She didn't cry once and I think was bummed when she had to be done for lunch.

What a cutie!

Ethan playing in the sand at the lake shore.

Alexis and Ella playing on Alexis' mat. They were cute together and Ella loved having someone her own size to play with!

Alexis chowing down at dinner

Ethan was able to ride and drive the boat. He loved honking the horn!

My two munchkins!

My baby girl! What a face! Could it be any more scrunched or cute?

Jamie and Joe

Ethan went tubing for the first time with Daddy. Joe and his Daddy, Jamie, went too. Joe was laughing and smiling the whole time, Ethan on the other hand did not smile at all. I think he was terrified, but he never cried. Once he was back on the boat, it was all about driving again. Ethan and Joe took turns driving with one of the 3 Daddy's there.

Tim, Ethan, Jaime and Joe went on another ride on the 4-wheelers. Jamie and Joe missed or went slowly through the puddles. Ethan and Daddy did not. Here's proof. Ethan loved it so much he bounced in his seat during the ride. Daddy had to keep reminding him to hold on, but Ethan kept trying to look back at the puddles saying "BIG ONE."

Nice hair Tim!

Mister Marek playing in the jumperoo!


Ethan was trying to get Alexis and Marek to stop crying. He was trying to talk to them and was getting frustrated. We tried to sing them a song and then Ethan just gave up and walked away. Both kids were tired and shortly went to take a nap.

One last boat ride

An ice cream stop on the way home. Ethan's first ice cream cone all to himself. Thank goodness for kiddy sizes...

Mommy and Ella

Me and my two kiddos, Awwwww...
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