Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silly, Silly


 New dress

 Nice shirt Ethan!

 My girl

 My boy

Lily too!

New sunglasses

Cute tummy little girl!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lots of Silly Words

Both Ella and Ethan have been saying many silly words. Ella said 'bye bye' and 'fain fou' or thank you today while we were play at a play place. This morning Ethan was even sillier. He said: "I'm not Efan bobert couger anymore, I am pider man!" Translated: 'I am not Ethan Robert Krueger anymore, I am Spiderman." Later, while Tim was packing his car full of gear for his show tonight, he removed his golf clubs and brought them into the house. Upon seeing the golf clubs Ethan stated: "Daddy, I am going to use this one when I am big Daddy." Ethan was referring to the 5 wood. I think Tim was pretty excited to hear that. Tim even Told Ethan he could have his own set before he is bigger like Daddy. It has been a great day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ella's First Pug

Ella finally has enough hair to put into a pug. So far this is the first and last time she has worn her hair up. Too cute!!

Much Needed Picture Update

Daddy, Ethan and Baby Lucy chillin on the couch

 Grumpy boy

Kissy face

 I am not so sure about these faces, but they sure are cute!

 Little Lady

Dancing just before bath.

 Ella's new boots!

 Too cute!

 Diaper heads!

 Great smile Nolan!

 There's the smile Ethan!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All About Ethan

Today Ethan told me about what he is going to do/be when he grows up. I thought I would share this information with you. Ethan said: "When I am a puppy dog, I am going to get the window wet with my nose too." This is said as I am cleaning smudges off the window from Briscoe's nose. 

Later this morning, Ethan was watching the rain outside and simply stated: "I want to go in it fly." I followed up with the question "You want to fly in the rain?" And he responded "I want to fly down the rain."

Some miscellaneous news about Ethan is as follows: He loves to eat fish sticks. I think they may be Ethan's new favorite food. Potty training is actually starting to sink in. It still may be a while but he can go 8 hours without wetting (yea), and that includes nap time! Ethan's new favorite activity to to ride his McQueen bike around the block. Although, sometimes he'll let me walk holding his hand. :) We also have a new movie to watch; The Incredibles. Or as Ethan likes to call it 'The In-creb-ba-bulls. Too cute to hear it! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kids Being Kids

Kids being kids!

Ella's cury hair

Motor boat noises at Mommy

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ella Next Milestone

I almost fell over when this milestone happened. Ella Jade is one amazing little girl. She continues to want to go potty like her older brother. Today, she pooped on the potty. WOW! I would love to have all the potty training done at the same time.  Can this be too good to be true?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Such and Eventful Day for Ella

Ella achieved many milestones today. First, she woke up with tooth number three. It finally made it's appearance after many nights of crying.  This wouldn't be so bad, but Ella does not like to be held to go to sleep at night. So she's crying because her teeth hurt and wiggling around in my arms as she is so tired and wants to sleep. She's usually already had some Tylenol/ibuprofen and some Ora gel on her gums to help comfort before we lay her down. Sad part is I do not think we are out of the clear yet either. I think there might be two or three more working their way out too. I hope it happens soon so she is felling better soon.

Another milestone happened while Daddy playing at church. Ethan had just gone potty and Ella is always trying to get over to him. I finally asked her if she wanted to go potty and her eyes lit up. We got the little potty seat on the potty for her and sat her on it. Once Ella was situated, I turned to Ethan and said "Ella's on the big girl potty, but I don't think she will actually go potty..." tinkle, tinkle, tinkle. Ella went potty on the big girl potty!!! At this pace she'll be potty trained before Ethan. (We did try it again later and it was a no go.) 

Ella also said some more words today. She loves to look at pictures of babies as well as babies themselves. Although, she mostly likes to climb on and poke the babies. As Ella and I were looking at pictures of her and Ethan as babies she said 'baby.' Later, while playing on the couch, she turned and looked at me and said what sounded like 'get down.' Come on little girl, really!?! My "baby" hasn't been a baby since about seven months. Next year, should I celebrate her fourth birthday or her second? Wow, Ella, wow!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ella's Sign

Ella has really caught on to the sign language I am teaching her. She can now sign 'more,' 'please,' and 'all done.' We are working on adding milk, water, cracker, up and thank you. Nicely done miss Ella!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ella's One Year Doctors Visit

Ella went to the doctor this morning for her one year check up. She continues to far surpass the expected motor skills for her age. Way to go Ella!! After an examination, we found out why Ella kept us all up last night; 2 new teeth have ruptured through the gums. Soon Ella will have teeth on both sides of her mouth, bottom and top. It's good news to hear that it is teeth for 2 reasons. One, she does not have any infections, ear or otherwise. Second, she is finally getting more teeth. Ella had only 2 teeth for months. Now for the stats! Ella weighs 21 pounds (50%), she is 30 inches long (76%) and her head circumference is 17 1/4 inches (12%). So she's tall with a tiny head. And adorable of course!! Love you little girl!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ella's Birthday

Birthday girl in her new shirt from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Carolyn.

Ethan is finally allowing me to take pictures of him again. that is great because look at his smile!!!

Trying to get Ella to wear a hat too!

This took several tries and was rarely successful. 

Ella's FREE cake from Lunds/Byerlys for her first birthday.

Checking it out.

Maybe I'll try it...

Nah... I'll just stick my finger in the polka dots.

Ethan sure did enjoy it!!!
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