Friday, October 24, 2008

Sleeping baby Ethan

Ethan is four months old!!

As cute and handsome as this Little Man is, he is growing up so fast!  On his four month birthday he did something amazing, at least to his mother!  Ethan Rolled Over!!!  This is not something most four month old babies do!  He also will stand up and only hold my index fingers for about a minute.  I do not think I am ready for all of this!  He is supposed to stay small and like a baby forever (or so).  I love my "growing up so fast" Baby Ethan!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lets make some beer!! Anyone?

Tim and Eric

Grandpa what did you do?!?

What a great father and son activity.  Too bad the son is not of drinking age for another 20 and 3/4 years....

Child services is on their way...

Measuring yeast

Grandpa adding the last ingredient, yeast, to the beer.  Now only 2 weeks to wait before we go back to bottle this delicious drink!  Happy Birthday Dad!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long Day!!!

So many horses, so little time!

The Lodge

Tim's birthday present from Mom, Dad and Molly.  I suspect we will be having  poker parties at our house now!

Ahhh, tummy time!

Hangin' out with Uncle Eric


Tim's 30th Birthday at Osaka

Ethan had a great time watching the chef fling, twirl, clank and make fire at the grill in front of us.  I don't think he blinked the entire time he was there.  We ate well! (Thanks Bob and Carolyn)

My Daddy is 30!!

I could not have planned this any better!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ethan hugging his snug bug

What a day!!

I am a proud mom!  For the first time ever, Ethan rolled over!  He was on his stomach and rolled over to his back 3 times today!  I understand I am not the only mother out there that has experienced this, but today it was my beautiful boy and I can hardly stand the excitement!  He is growing up so fast and is almost 4 months old already.  When did that happen?  It seemed like only yesterday he was born.  I realize I will be saying this when he is 20 as well.  I hope you can all see him do that soon!!  Yippee!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ah, they grow up so fast.  Ethan is already reaching and grabbing toys and sticking them in his mouth.  I couldn't resist taking this picture at school.  I am so very lucky to be able to see him everyday and all the new things he does!

With Halloween coming up so fast, I got out Ethan's pumpkin shoes!  All the kids at school try to play with them and grab his feet.  Even one of his friends at school has the same shoes.  What will he be for his first Halloween???

What a face!

It has been me and the boys this weekend!  The short boys anyway.  Ethan loves to stand in his jumperoo and make it play music.  He actually doesn't ever want to leave, even when it is time to eat.  We have had a great weekend together with our friend Matty visiting us on Saturday.  It was good to see him and for Matty to finally meet Ethan!  The last time I saw him, I was about the size of a barn.  Later that night, Lily asked to come over and see Ethan and Auntie Abby.  That was great!  She held Ethan on the couch and he kept grabbing her hair and pulling.  Lily did a great job and didn't cry!  I thought I might a time or two when he pulls so hard.  Daddy you can be proud, your son has quite the grip!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New pictures!

Ethan making funny faces in his jumperoo at home.  I love this picture!!!

Ethan is happy about the shirt Grandma Dinky gave him.

At school, when Ethan would cry, his friend would come over and touch his hand to comfort him.  She is such a doll!!

Daddy and Ethan were hanging out on the couch while Daddy was watching the Gopher football game.  They were wearing the appropriate colors to cheer on their team!  Way to go, the Gopher's won!!  It must be from the support of their fans!!
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