Sunday, August 29, 2010

Many Great Family Gatherings

We went camping with my parents at Baker campground close to our house. It was very hot, but we went swimming, went for many walks, sat by the campfire, ate good food and my mom and I got to go to some garage sales too. It was a great weekend! Thanks mom and dad!

This was Great Grandma Marvin's 90th birthday party. Tim got his mom, grandma and Ella together for a 4 generation photo. Ella loved every minute sitting with Great Grandma Mattie. I think great Grandma loved it too! Happy 90th birthday Grandma!!

This was at Grandpa Glen and Grandma Dinky's 60th birthday bash. (Great Grandma Marvin and Grandpa Glen turned 90 and 60 on August 24 respectively). Ethan decided it would be a good idea to become one with the Lego's. Or it was Daddy's idea. Who knows... It was a great party and we stayed to the end. Many great friends and family came to celebrate. We had an age range from 2 months old to somewhere over 60 ;) Sadly, we were so busy at the party, we did not get any pictures on our camera. Hopefully Mike Boyd will get us a copy of all the fabulous photo's he took. Hint, hint...

Friday, August 20, 2010


Believe it or not, Ella can push herself up onto all fours. She is getting ready to crawl! If you saw in the last post, she can sit up by herself as well. Neither of these can she do for very long, but it won't be very long until she's got it mastered. Ella rolls all around the floor and puts everything into her mouth, including Ethan's nuks. Everybody thinks that funny but Ethan. She loves to sit in her bumbo and to jump in her jumperoo. Ethan will get on his rocking horse or zebra and ride with Ella. She is a busy little girl!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ella is 5 Months Old

This cute outfit is courtesy of Miss Alexis

This cute outfit is courtesy of Auntie Krissy

My goofy child

These are a couple of shots of our squirrel hanging out on our kiddy picnic table on a hot afternoon. Ethan is still asking where his squirrel went... Breakfast with the Squirrels!

Ella hanging out with Grandpa Glen

Ethan sees mommy putting her hair up in binders almost every day. He usually wants to wear them on his arms and announces to mommy what color binder she gets to wear. Today, Ethan wanted his hair in a binder too. First, the green one which managed to last through nap time. Second, the black one which didn't last that long at all. At bath time, Ethan's hair stood straight up when the green binder was removed. It was awesome.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thank YOU!!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who enjoyed a blizzard yesterday! Thanks for doing your part to help not only Alexis, but all the other children who will benefit from this fundraiser. I hope I can persuade you to make the same sacrifice next year :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Blizzard Day!!

Today is Thursday, August 5th, and Dairy Queen is donating money from every blizzard sold today to Gillette Hospital. My best friends little girl, Alexis who had a hemispherectomy at 2 months (who is now doing great at almost 6 moths old) has physical and occupational therapy every week through Gillette Children’s Hospital. So if you happen to be by DQ today, please think of Alexis and buy a blizzard! You know you want one....

My Two Bucket Heads

Briscoe is my original Bucket Head, but today, Ethan came in a close second.

Ethan took this picture of Ella and I.

He also took this picture.

If only they made kid vacuums that actually worked!

Monday, August 2, 2010

What an Evening!

Never underestimate the power of poop.

That being said, this is how my evening went. First, I learned that poop can puddle in the bottom of a bumbo. Thank you Ella. We now need to apologize to Alexis and Janelle for the outfit that was borrowed to us may never be the same again. Going back to the night, I had to leave dinner to clean and bathe Ella, Ethan had free reign of all the food on the table. We had pizza, strawberries and sugar and a smoothly for dinner. When I returned after Ella was finally clean, Ethan was covered in sugar. Everywhere. I disrobed him and got him into his bath and thought the night was calming down. I was wrong. Ethan pooped in tub. At this point I still hadn't finished cleaning up after Ella. It's a good thing I had a good sense of humor about it as I kept laughing to myself and repeating 'this isn't happening...' I still have to do some laundry after I get the kids to fall asleep but it certainly wasn't a typical night at the Krueger's. I hope this doesn't become the norm.

I added some before pictures of Ethan of which the last one he said "good one!" Enjoy!

Pictures of the Kiddos

Hello Star shine...

My two smileys :)

Could Ella get any cuter?

Again, I couldn't resist! I finally have a stroller that BOTH of my kids can ride at the SAME time. Ella sits up well enough to make it work, YEA!! That and Ella got a new pair of sunglasses that day and Ethan decided they both had to wear them on this beautiful cloudy day.

Ella posing in her new outfit borrowed from Miss Alexis. Thank you dear!!

Mommy and Ella taken by Ethan. Looks like he did a great job huh? It's a good thing macs have iphoto as we were in the bottom left hand corner of the picture!

Ethan started pouting this morning and I thought it was cute. I asked if I could take a picture of his ears. He covered them instead. I thought that was even cuter. Ethan also decided to color on himself and disguise it as trying to put the cap back on the marker. Who puts the cap back on their markers by their neck? Ethan does!
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