Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Camping, Parks, Fair, Picnics and More!

 Having snack at the park near our house.

 Playing and eating ice cream at Lily's family day at school.

 Camping with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Carolyn at Baker park.

Swiss picnic with Grandma Dinky and and Great Auntie Crash the Clown.

State Fair with Grandma Dinky and Grandpa Glen.

 Ella resting on Ethan after a full day at the fair.

 Miss Spider Man

Spider Man with  cape and visor.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dress Up and Jumping Time

 We had Lily over for a sleepover and dress up time was awesome! Check it out!!

 This is exactly how Ethan wanted me to take his photo. He waited just like this until I took the picture. 

 Lily did the same thing, waited just like this until I took the photo. Too cute!

This is one of our favorite pass times at our homes. Jumping on the mattress. As we are still in renovations in our basement, this was the best storage place for the mattress. The kids couldn't be happier.

Remember Ella is only 17 months old today. Some kids her age are still learning how to walk. Most kids this are do not have any idea how to jump either. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Whole Lot of Wonderful

 Ethan and Ella holding hands walking to the park to play.

 My goofball!

 Ethan is so proud of himself that he can walk across all by himself. He is becoming more adventurous too and trying new things.

 Nice hair!

 She's running to 3rd but who's really counting?

 The kids favorite pastime, the swings!

 Ella running because she can.

Ethan drawing a "dinosaur Rex."

Riding on the trolley in Excelsior. They loved this, especially the trolley's whistle.

 We went with Ethan's friend Courtney and her mom and brother. What a blast!!

Ethan and the trolley

Ethan and Ella dancing with Grandma Dinky at Marketfest in White Bear.

 Enjoying the music of Daddy's band; the Brian David Band.

Daddy playing bass.

 Ella Dancing.

Ethan's buddy Nolan had his 4th birthday party at the beach.

 Mmmmm... slushies, corn dogs, chips, cake and friends on a sunny day. What more could you ask for?

 At the Zoo's new entrance. Ethan is, of course, noticing the bison's penis. He stated this loud and clear to everyone within the zoo's confines.

 Too bright :(

 Ethan checking out a cepholopod.


Ella loved watching them swim.

We even got to watch the penguins eat. Cool new exhibit!!

We were also lucky enough to watch the brown bears do their daily training. Ethan was scared, Ella loved it.

Ella walking in bones.

Looking at the baby wild Asian horse who was 3 days old.

Goat petting. This was by far Ella's favorite part.

Ethan's favorite part. The tractor.

Our transportation.

I asked them to smile and show me their teeth. This is what I got.

We have had so many fun times this summer. Most of the time I leave the camera at home, in the diaper bag or with a dead battery. We have been swimming, running through sprinklers, playing at the splash pad, camping, climbing at play grounds, and hanging with friends and family. What a great time we have had so far this summer. Hopefully I will remember to use the camera on our up and coming adventures!

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