Friday, November 30, 2012

More Kids Say the Funniest Things

Ethan: "This part right here (pointing to the stem of the broccoli) has 25 millionators of vitamins."

Ella: "Scary monsters are scary and we do this (making a surprised noise while holding her hands at her chest) and they are scary when they are scary."

Ella: (singing) "Oh princess spinning around... doesn't know that I'm a princess, a snow princess...another dance...I'm not afraid of any animals... I count all the animal friends...Nobody knows I'm not a rabbit or corn... I can't know I'm not a princess any more..."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Here are some funny things the kids have been saying recently:

Ethan: "Easy peasy lemon squeezy"

Ella: Mommy, wanna hear my school bus song?"
Me: "Yes I do"
Ella: "I only know my school bus," ( some un-intelligible words) "I don't know my name," (more gibber jabber) "Oh my school bus," (lots more silliness that is not of the English language) "school bus song."

Ethan: "Mommy, you poured me over!" (Translation: Mommy, you knocked me over)

Me: That was the super stealth, secret ninja way to school."
Ella: "I hate the ninja way!"
My: "Why is that Ella?"
Ella: (long pause) "Cause cheese has holes in it. I hate holes!!!"

Ethan: "I have a rocket."
Me: "Just like the one on "Little Einsteins?"
Ethan: "No, mine is bigger and taller and kiddie-er and larger and can hold 100 people."

Ella: "I am Lavagirl!!"

Ethan: "I am Sharkboy!!"

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thank You Auntie Carolyn!!

A BIG thank you to Auntie Carolyn for our Christmas presents!! Ethan loves his little dog and is excited that he can color it more than once. The last picture was his idea to hug the dog to show you instead of just holding it. Ella loved her Aqua Doodle too! She did all 4 pages twice, then got out our Aqua Doodle stuff and did those and went back to the ones you gave her to do again. It's one of our favorite things to do!

Again, it was really wonderful to see you again!! We have to get you here more often, the kids adore you!!!

Halloween Part 5

The Party

 Ella enjoying the fruits of her labor. The first candy after trick-or-treating was a Tootsie roll. 

 Ethan choose a sucker. No surprises there!!

 Some of the party goers.

 Now I know that this looks like Auntie Carolyn is trying to take Lily's candy away, but I believe she was pointing at Auntie Allison just outside of the picture. You be the judge ;)

Lily having some dinner before she dives into her candy!

Thank you to all who came to the party to make it such a special Halloween! the kids loved seeing everyone, especially Auntie Carolyn!!! We played Halloween themed games, watched Halloween movies, are Halloween foods and candy and just had a good time chatting and catching up! What a great day and again I want to thank all who came to make it so memorable!!

Halloween Part 4

Halloween Food!!
 Snake Bites

Cauldron of spinach dip

 Carmel toffee dip with apples and cinnamon and sugar chips

 2 kinds of home made pumpkin seeds

 Hot dog mummies

Mummy pizza

By far the snakes bites and the Carmel toffee dip were the best. Yum!

Halloween Part 3

 Spencer shopping at Cub. 

 We stopped to play with all the pumpkins on Halloween. The kids ran around and had way too much fun!

 Spencer trying to pick up a huge pumpkin.

 Now it's Ella's turn.

 Still can't quite get it off the ground.

 Walking through all the pumpkins. This was Spencer's favorite part.

Ella trying to join in.

 Ella ran to the purple flowers first.

 She then proceeded to hug and kiss all the flowers.

Ella also had to hug and kiss the kale. She just loves it when Mommy makes kale chips. Kale makes her grow so she can ride roller coasters, ya know...

Halloween Part 2

 All dressed up for school and the Halloween party. All of the poses (and costumes), minus the regular smiling ones, were created by the goofballs themselves.

 Ethan in his classroom waiting for the parade to start. 

 Spencer joined in on the festivities too! I am so glad Thomas were there to join us!!

Ethan walking in the parade. (All the other pictures I took, didn't turn out.)

Ethan back in his classroom making a spider with another Ninja Turtle.
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