Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just for Daddy

Daddy this is just for you!  Ethan didn't want you to miss him too much while he is gone with Mommy for the weekend.  Oh, and he said, "Hi Daddy I love you!!!!!!"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy weekend!

Ethan was a busy little man this weekend.  First he stayed overnight at Grandma Dinky's so we could all go the Fair on Friday.  Despite the pending storm and hot weather, we ventured out.  It was a fun day and Ethan was fantastic.  We ate a deep fried Twinkie; I always wanted to try one and it was good!  Ethan went to see the baby animals, but there was a pig giving birth and we couldn't get in to see anything else.  He also saw horses, sheep, cows and llamas, that is if he wasn't sleeping.  There were many new sights and sounds he seemed to enjoy and boy did he sleep well that night.  

On Saturday, Grandma Dinky took us to look at campers before we headed home to see Daddy.  Ethan missed his Daddy sooo much!  Daddy made up a new song for Ethan and he laughed and cooed all evening.  I have it on video, but the file is too big to put on the blog or send in email.  Ask me the next time you see us with the the computer!!

Sunday was a big day too!  First, all three of us went to church.  Second, the family drove to see Great Grandma Marvin for her 88th birthday party in the garden at her home.  It was good to see the family and to hear the good news of Susan getting a new job!  Congratulations Susan!!!  Third, Ethan and I traveled to the Swiss picnic in Roseville where Ethan had his picture taken with Crash the Clown.  And finally, we stopped by Grandpa Boyd's to wish him a Happy Birthday before traveling home.

A long and fun day for all.  Everyone slept well too!! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last weekend we took our first family trip!  We headed to Lanesboro, MN for the wedding of our good friends Erik and Melissa. We packed up the van with a lot of stuff! Boy was it full!!  To be fair, Tim was the DJ for the wedding and had all of his equipment in the back, plus golf clubs, luggage and Ethan's "stuff."  We had a comfortable ride in the new van and only had to stop once in each direction for Ethan to eat and be changed. So far Ethan is a great traveler!  The first night was the Grooms dinner at a great German restaurant (lots of good food, beer and a Live German Band).  Ethan slept through the whole thing...Drums, Tuba and all.   Saturday morning, Tim went golfing with the groom, Erik Olson while Kat and I helped out the bride Melissa make favors for the tables at the reception.  Saturday night was the outdoor wedding surrounded by beautiful gardens. Nothing could out shine the bride though.  The ceremony was touching and hit home to those of us who have been married for a while.  The dance was a great time.  Everybody was dancing and Tim and I had a great time picking out music throughout the night. The guests danced until midnight and would have danced longer but we got shut down by "The Man."  

Overall, it was a fabulous weekend!!  Thanks to our newly married friends, Erik and Melissa Olson for a great reason to venture out with a 7 week old baby!!!

A view of Lanesboro

Shenandoah Revisited

Family Photo

The stunning Bride and Groom during their first dance.

Who can resist these feet?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's been too long...

I couldn't resist taking pictures of Ethan smiling.  He is so adorable!!

Grandpa Boyd holding Ethan after his bath.  Both were happy to be sitting still!

Tim and his best friend...  We went to see the Star Wars show at the science museum.  This was our first outing as our new and larger family.  Ethan slept through the whole thing.  He was still cuter than Yoda...

I had to include this picture of this beautiful butterfly we saw on the tire on the van.  The color in the picture does not do justice!

This is my mom or Grandma Dinky giving Ethan his first bath at her house.  And she was excited to give him a bath.  He had a great time and was making all sorts of sounds and smiling.  She was able to see the curly hair Ethan has right after a bath.  He is cute!!!

Our Newest Family Adventures